RMI: News

23 August, 2015

RMI is Moved!

If you can see this, that means RMI has successfully migrated from our old host (Fatcow) to our new host (DreamHost)! The new character application is down in the interim. Once everything is up and running again, we'll begin resolving the problems we were experiencing with recieving applications.

15 August, 2015

Menu Bugs

We are aware of bugs with the menu, specifically the location of the Boards drop-down and menu utility on the boards. We will be addressing them imminently. Thank you for your patience.

15 August, 2015

On Term Starting & New Boards

1. All the Boards that will be in use this term have been created and are accessible from our menu bar.
2. In the future, we will be adding additional Boards and classes depending on the number of active authors the previous term. (Read More)

11 August, 2015

Please resubmit any applications from 08/10 and 08/11

(Read More)

11 August, 2015

More Information on the New Term

We've had some inquiries about how things will be handled with the upcoming term, specifically:
1. Where are we picking up IC?
2. What did we miss?
3. How will staff be handled?
So here are some answers! (Read More)

10 August, 2015

RMI: Rebooted

Hello, All

As I'm sure you're all aware, RMI has had a little bit of downtime. Despite some interest in reviving it over the past two years or so, there hasn't been any sort of sustained effort that's gotten anywhere. Recently, Ryan and I were able to reassess where we were personally and decided that we had the bandwidth to work on rebooting RMI. Right now as things stand, we're planning to start small and then once people are back in the swing of things expand a little bit more.

Feel free to hang around the new OOC and submit an application or four - just familiarize yourself with the new rules beforehand. Please note that we're keeping our staff size very small for the first term. More canon notes on that will be forthcoming.


Austin & Ryan