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Welcome to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment and thank you for visiting! More commonly called RMI, this is a text-based roleplay based in the Harry Potter world. However, to allow us to create our own characters and plots, we act as though Harry and Voldemort never existed! For more information, check out:

RMI carries a PG rating (meaning minimal presence of swearing or mature themes), and is family-friendly, with an author range that typically includes people of all ages, from young teens to parents. We willingly accept authors of all ability levels, as long as all site rules are followed in the application, because we at RMI firmly believe that everybody has something to both learn from and contribute to our community.

T17 has begun! Applications are still open and we will be accepting them until midterm.

Each term at RMI, we accept up to three transfer students (students between second and fifth year who, for one IC reason or another, must transfer from another magical school to RMI). We have accepted 0/3 for T17.

We are currently looking for a Counselor. If you're interested in this or any other position, please fill out an application. If you have any ideas for a positon/class not currently offered, please get in touch with the heads. Also, please note that your application will be more seriously considered if you either already write at RMI or have submitted a student for the upcoming term.

If you need to contact the Headmaster or Deputy Headmistress with any questions, comments, or concerns, please send us a message by clicking the button below. If you just want to share your opinions about RMI, please fill out our survey (and give 10 points to the House of your choice to boot!).