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Alessandro Guido was the Headmaster of RMI for eleven years, canonically beginning two years before the first term that RMI began OOC and leaving after the conclusion of T10. Tobias Morgan took over Headmastry of the school upon Sandro's retirement.

Early Life[edit]

Alessandro Guido is from one of the New York Italian Pureblood families and was one of eight children. He attended RMI as a student and was in Draco House. Upon graduation, he went abroad to major in Muggle Studies at the Italian-Muggle Cultural Preservation Center in Bari. He then acquired a second degree, in Magical Theory, at the Magical University at Palermo.


Upon acquiring his second degree, Sandro was offered the position of Muggle Studies at RMI which he enthusiastically accepted. After six years of teaching, he was named the Draco Head of House, a post he continued to hold for another decade before taking over the Headmastry of the school from Patrícia Sanchez and her husband Luis. He then served as Headmaster of RMI for an additional 11 years before retiring to Italy with his wife and former Deputy Headmistress Mariette Landers and their twin children. Throughout his tenure at RMI, he was well-known as being very friendly with both staff and students alike.

Notable Accomplishments[edit]

During his time at RMI, Alessandro Guido was responsible for a number of changes and policies including:

  • the establishment of Muggle Studies (now Cultural Studies) as a required course;
  • the establishment of the current Family Residency Policy, permitting the spouse and children of current staff to live in the school's faculty quarters;
  • the reinstatement of Midterm family visits;
  • the establishment of the prefect and Head Student system (later replaced by the SGA);
  • instated the pre-term Orientation for new students.