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This page is here to provide help for non-sysops authors who are trying to add new content to a pre-created, but still blank, page. If you need a page created, you need to ask one of the sysops authors: Kat, Vedika, or Austin.

Picking Which Template[edit]

You should pick the template that best matches the page you are creating. Our current template options include:

  • ActiveStaff - for characters who are currently on staff at RMI
  • Character - for characters who have made significant impact; their actions fundamentally changed an aspect of the school. Examples include Aerin Griffiths, Alessandro Guido, and Garen Tennant.
  • Class - any class that is offered at any magical school
  • Extracurricular - any extracurricular offered at any magical school
  • Family - the template for a family of significance; largely restricted to Purebloods but this is not a hard rule.
  • NotNPC - a quick template that marks characters who are author-created and therefore not common use. Each non-NPC should have this template on their page.
  • NPC - a quick template that marks characters that are not author-created and are therefore common use. Each NPC should have this template on their page.
  • Organization - a template for any greater organization that is neither a school nor an extracurricular activity.
  • School - a template for any magical school relevant to the RMIverse
  • StudentNPC - a template for our student NPCs

If you need a different template or not sure which one you should be using, contact Austin, Sasha, or Vedika for help!

Using a Template[edit]

Start using a template by typing:


on to the blank page, such that TemplateName is selected from the template list above. Template names are case-sensitive, and more than one template can be used on a page.

Each template will have a number of subheaders with information you should fill out. In order to see which subheaders those are, change the text on your page by changing



{{Template:TemplateName section 1 | section 2 | section 3 | section 4 }}

most of our templates only have four sections, but you can check by searching Template:TemplateName and looking at the raw template on the wiki. I suggest separating each section by hitting enter once.

Then, all you need to do is put information in the relevant sections! It's best to hit 'show preview' before you hit 'save page' each time so you can be sure you're putting your information in the right section.

Adding Content[edit]

If you need help on formatting, please check out the Mediawiki formatting help page

Remember that all content added should be canonical. Reference old posts or ask older authors if need be.

Remember that this is a collaborative effort and no one page - even pages for author-created characters - is anyone's personal property or written work. Anyone is allowed to edit any page so long as they adhere to the rules.