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The IWCE, or International Wizarding Council on Education, is a branch of the Wizarding United Nations that oversees schools who meet a certain set of standards of international education. RMI is granted 1 - 3 internship slots per year at the IWCE for its most promising students.

Currently Affiliated Schools[edit]

OOC Note: this is not an all-inclusive list of schools, just what has already been canonically established. Feel free to add your own as long as it doesn't conflict with anything pre-existing!

North America[edit]

South & Central America[edit]






Previously Affiliated Schools[edit]



All IWCE-affiliated schools have their students take STOATs in their fourth year and IMPs in their seventh year. All exams consist of several written papers and a practical, all of which are scored by international witches and wizards pre-eminent in education and without ties to the school they are marking. Schools may choose to restrict available upper-year courses available based on STOATs results or they may choose not to.

Notable Persons[edit]