Jacobs Family

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The Jacobs family is a pureblood family from Northern Iowa. They are relatively wealthy, although not obscenely so, and obtained their wealth through a number of factories and manufacturing plants throughout the Midwest. Their industry is largely focused on magic-receptive fabrics.


Although not quite nouveau riche, the Jacobs family is considered relatively new in the pureblood scene, tracing their pureblood lineage back only several generations. They emerged in the late 18th century as textiles became industrialized in the Northeast but soon relocated to the Midwest in response to the unique brand of snobbery New England is known for. Since then, the family has in some part expanded to Washington state, but the Washington branch and Iowa branch rarely interact.


The family is largely known for their excessively conservative viewpoints, textiles, and the fact that the oldest son of the family, Rob, has a disorder - rumored genetic - that has restricted his mobility to what he can achieve in a charmed wheelchair.