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The following are known textbooks to have been assigned at either RMI or in university programs attended by former RMI students.

The Standard Book of Spells[edit]

the book almost universally used for Charms (and in this case, Spellwork) throughout the wizarding world. The Standard Book of Spells comes in various year-levels. At RMI, the lower years use a bind-up of the first three books in the series, and the upper years use a bind-up of the last four books in the series. Because of the unique structure of the seventh year Spellwork offerings at RMI, by the end of the sixth year all students will have completed all of the coursework in the second bind-up, although it does include The Standard Book of Spells, Year 7.

Non-Fiction Books[edit]

Fiction Books[edit]

Oath of Legend (series)[edit]

A political speculative fiction series about the combination of magical and Muggle societies following first contact. The series is eight books long with each book being around 700 - 900 pages long. The third book is called The Gamble of Six. Mentioned by Rhiannon Taren at the T31 Opening Feast.