La Escuela de Magia Costarricense

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EMC is the only IWCE school in Central America and is located in San José, Costa Rica. 75% of La Escuela Tica’s students come from Costa Rica, with 50% coming from San José and its surrounding metropolises. 20% come from other Latin American countries, most notably Guatemala and Panama. The remaining 5% are exchange students from other areas.


La Escuela de Magia Costarricense started as an extension of the University of Santo Tomás, founded in 1843 as the first university in Costa Rica. It began offering only university-level classes to San José’s wizards, but expanded its offerings to grade and secondary level classes as the city’s population grew. When the University was shut down in 1888 by the government, La Escuela Tica continued operating independently with the surviving Muggle schools of law, agronomy, fine arts, and pharmacy. San José’s wizards established a new wizarding university in the nearby city of Cartago (La Universidad Magia de Cartago) in 1940. While the higher education classes that La Escuela Tica offered have moved to UMC, the school still retains its grade and secondary level courses, and the two schools retain close ties. As Costa Rica’s economy shifted from being primarily agricultural to being a blend of agriculture, manufacturing, and eco-tourism, La Escuela Tica has shifted its class offerings to better prepare its students for Costa Rica’s present and future.

Scholastic Requirements[edit]

La Escuela Tica’s students can choose to enter one of four tracks in their third year of study. Those who enter the Magizoology and eco/geomancy programs spend their final year almost entirely in the field, working with wizards stationed in Costa Rica's many national parks. Students can also choose to study sustainable agricultural magic or take the first steps towards becoming Creature Healers. La Escuela Tica is a sister school with Wallowa Mountain Academy in the United States’ Pacific Northwest, and exchanges teachers, curricula, and sixth- and seventh-year students on a regular basis with WMA. La Escuela Tica also offers woodworking and foreign language instruction. It has the best Magizoology and eco/geomancy programs in the hemisphere. It also has a strong agricultural magic program that partners with the ecomancy program so that farmers of magical crops will not harm the ecosystem.


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