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Library School of Philadelphia is a small school located north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Established by Benjamin Franklin in 1737, when his Library Company accidentally acquired a number of magical texts. Franklin, a wizard, recognized them and separated them from the rest and established a library outside of the city proper for the “store and containment of magickal texts away from those without the powers to use them, or ‘Muggles.’” Various members of Philadelphia’s already-burgeoning wizarding community began using them to supplement their children’s instructions in magic, and eventually began to gather to hold informal classes in magic. The classes quickly attached to the library itself. When the Revolutionary War broke out, the informal school, under the guidance of Headmistress Sarah Franklin Bache, moved to the farm known as the Cliffs, then two miles north of the City. The students and teachers took up residence there, initially just for the duration of the war. (Franklin Bache is known in Muggle histories for her relief work for the Continental Army, based out of the Cliffs.) After the war, the school stayed at the Cliffs and grew.

Scholastic Requirements[edit]

The Library School hews very closely to IWCE’s standard curriculum. However, classes tend to resemble rowdy debates rather than calm lectures, as teachers use the Socratic method championed by Franklin and Franklin Bache. IWCE also uses the Library School for beta testing of new curricula, after Horace G. Lubitz Preparatory School. Students at the Library School are known for being skilled in Spellwork and Potions, especially the theoretical aspects of those disciplines.

Core Courses

Elective Courses


  • Speech & Debate Team
  • Mock WUN
  • Orchestra
  • Newspaper

Known Affiliates[edit]

No currently known affiliates