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In addition to the rooms that are typical of many boarding schools, the underground campus of Rocky Mountain International contains all sorts of nooks and crannies that students will inevitably find themselves passing through. Students are encouraged to make full use of the campus building and grounds, so long as they do not break rules or disrupt others.


Lecture Hall: A wedge-shaped room featuring a raised dais and blackboard faced by tiered rows of plush chairs, each with its own wooden desk that rotates into place around the chair's arm. Classes that rely on note-taking and written work (and perhaps some contained wandwork) will use this room. The lecture hall is additionally a perfect place for hosting written examinations.

Outdoor Classroom: An grassy field framed by thick forest, through which the Quidditch Pitch can be glimpsed. With a ring of weathered wooden benches on the hillside, this open space is frequently used for classes whose content involves flora and fauna, like Magizoobotony, or classes like Astronomy that require access to the enchanted sky overhead. However, professors inclined to take advantage of sunny days are free to move their classes outdoors.

Practical Lab: An oblong room whose furnishings range from mirrors and well-padded floors on one side to long rows of laboratory counters on the other. Classes that require a little more movement, whether for brewing potions or demonstrating complex spells, often use the studio for the extra space and security it affords. Outside of classes, the studio is left open for students who wish to spend their free time dancing or practicing martial arts. The studio is also used regularly by the Dueling Club.

Computer Lab: Located in the Library, this room is filled with desks bearing computers of various models, in addition to a projector and an assortment of small appliances. The lab was first installed by former Muggle Studies professor Elizabeth Mason in conjunction with the expansion of the Muggle Studies, now Cultural Studies, curriculum. Cultural Studies periodically holds classes in this room. The SGA has also used this room to host movie nights. When not in official use, students have access to the Computer Lab for their own work, although they are warned against using magic while inside. Students already familiar with Muggle computers may be disappointed to find that the protective bubble sealing the electronics from the magic of RMI restricts their access to external Internet. They can, however, access a basic chat system as well as classic games like Solitaire in addition to the computer's encyclopedias.

Main School[edit]

Administrative Quarters: A wide corridor, alternatingly lined by portraits of important witches and wizards and sturdy doors with plaques showing their occupants' names. The main corridor contains faculty offices; students needing assistance in their coursework (or simply seeking general life advice and encouragement) are welcome to visit their professor during scheduled office hours, or may drop in at other times and try their luck. The Infirmary can also be found on this corridor. Around the corner is a secondary hallway leading to the quarters where most of RMI's faculty, including professors and the Headmaster, live on campus. Students are typically not advised to visit these private chambers, but some members of the faculty may be more amendable to it.

Finer Diner: A large dining hall stylized to look like a train-car. It features rows of charmed windows on either side that depict a moving landscape of the Rocky Mountains. During special events, in particular the annual Opening Feast on September 1st, five bright bonfires are built in the room: four for students to sit around (coloured light cream for Aquila House, deep blue for Cetus House, rich red for Draco House, and sea-green for Lyra House), and a final bonfire for the faculty. During the rest of the term, the hall contains a number of round tables scattered about. Food on special occasions is served by a team of house-elves, but on regular days there is food appropriate to the time of day on each table at mealtimes. The floor looks like wood.

Infirmary: A very clean room containing examination beds, well-stocked medical cabinets, and plenty of curtained sections for privacy. An internal room has several tables and chairs, as well as posters of anatomy and other items of interest, and is occasionally used to train the small groups of students participating in the Healing Arts practical internship. The Infirmary is located in the Administrative Quarters.

Library: A room with several open tables for collective work, surrounded by a twisting maze of bookshelves that lead to three roaring fireplaces and clusters of plush armchairs for solitary reading (or a quick nap). An expansive collection of texts in various languages can be found here; there is even a selection of Muggle literature near the check-out desk. To the left of the check-out desk, the door to the Computer Lab can be found. There is also a meeting room with windows looking into the library and a large table, which has in past years been used by the SGA and is now now available for students to book if they need privacy for a group assignment or club meeting.

Owlry: A circular room lined with enough comfortable perches and nests for all the owls owned by students, as well as several school owls for general use. In case an urgent letter is needed, a small writing desk with spare ink and parchment is available in the owlry. Owls travel via a set of ducts that wind through the school ceilings and ultimately conclude at the bookstore "Lighthouse Books" on Pearl Street Mall, which provides access to the aboveground world.

Pearl Street Entrance: A plain brick wall near the Finer Diner, which has a set of shiny elevator doors. Pearl Street Mall is accessed by taking the elevator one floor up. There is an Age Line drawn around the elevator entrance. Only students in their third year and above are able to pass the Age Line on their own; younger students must be accompanied by a faculty member or an adult member of their family.

Student Dormitories: Students are assigned rooms in separate locations on campus depending on their House. Please refer to each of the four House pages - Aquila, Cetus, Draco, and Lyra - for full details on their location and appearance.

Extracurricular Spaces[edit]

Recreation Center: A tiled room with humid air smelling faintly of chlorine. Along one end are tables for foosball and billiards, as well as open tables intended for the wide range of board games stored in nearby cabinets. Along the other side, students can find change-rooms and showers leading to the room's focal point: a large heated pool. Decorating the pool are waterslides and an enchanted waterfall with rocky ledges, which students have been known to climb and use for diving. In winter, the pool may be spelled and frozen for ice-skating.

Theatre: A classic theatre containing three aisles of plush red seats and a wide stage framed by crimson curtains. The entrance is at the rear of the theatre, while a spiral staircase outside leads to the magical tech booth. At the base of the stage is a ten-foot pit for musicians that is charmed to prevent accidental falls. Backstage, one can find a staircase to access the musicians' pit, as well as storage rooms for set and props, dressing rooms, and the director's room. The theater is used most regularly by the Drama Club during their musical productions, and has also been used for student talent shows and other performances.

Quidditch Pitch: A large oblong field partially encircled by high bleachers with the standard three Quidditch hoops on either end. A worn path in the grass leads towards the surrounding forest and the clearing used by outdoor classes. There is additionally a rock wall near the pitch, erected by former caretaker Kim Kraft. Adjacent to the playing field is a storage shed where students can sign out athletic equipment ranging from brooms to climbing ropes. Although the pitch is underground like the rest of RMI, a complex set of spells have been used to provide a seemingly endless sky for flying. These spells control the weather to provide a mix of sunny, windy, and rainy days; however, its weather patterns have been known to include eccentric and unnatural forecasts such as Puffskein rainstorms or multicoloured fog.

Secret Passageways[edit]

Dark and damp with the odd creature inhabiting their crevices (ranging from animals to the infamous Shifty Eyes), the exact origins of the passageways are unknown, but they appear to be as old as the school itself! They are not commonly advertised to students, though many stumble across them and utilize them for everything from shortcuts across campus to clandestine meetings.

The passageways have several known entry-points. These include hidden panels behind the portraits in the Administrative Hall, under the spray of the Rec Centre waterfall, behind a bookshelf in the Muggle literature section of the library, in a low cavern at the outdoor rock-climbing wall, and along the edge of the fireplace in the Aquila commons.