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This is a compilation of the magical creatures, canonical and not, that are within RMI's universe. Creatures that are taken directly from canon are listed as a link to the Harry Potter Wikia. Ika Blackburn, Anders Blackburn, and Hank Macrae are the RMI alumni who are known to work professionally with magical creatures.




  • Thunderbird - mammoth birds with the appearance of a six-winged albatross. They are larger than humans, with females being up to 30% larger than males. Thunderbirds have the ability to cause storms when they fly, a talent that takes years to master. Consequently, areas near nesting areas with young hatchlings are likely to experience bizarre and unpredictable weather patterns. Like phoenixes, thunderbirds have healing tears. They primarily consume fish, although they will also eat some birds (particularly geese) and when hungry enough may carry off livestock. Wizarding ranchers have hunted thunderbirds in the past, both to harvest their feathers, which are used in some potions, and to protect their livestock. This has led to the placement of thunderbirds on the endangered species list, although in recent decades the population has been experiencing steady recovery. Thunderbirds pair-bond through elaborate rituals involving thunder, lightning, and (occasionally) tornados; although they reach sexual maturity at 5-7 years old, it often takes them five to ten years to find a mate. Typically, thunderbirds only lay one or two eggs. The survival of the second hatchling is rare, and many thunderbird preserves choose to hand-rear the second hatchling in order to give it a better chance at survival. Both parents incubate the eggs in gigantic nests usually located on cliffs or rocky outcrops. Hank Macrae, an RMI alumn, works at a thunderbird preserve located near the Grand Canyon.



  • Dragon
    • Serengeti Miniatures - the smallest known type of dragon, a fully grown Serengeti Miniature is somewhere between the size of a large dog and a pony. They are typically not aggressive unless they feel threatened. Aaron McKindy's daughter, Jessie, works with Serengeti Miniatures at a preserve in Africa.