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This wiki exists to serve as a reference for authors old and new on the canon that has been established as a part of RMI's universe. There will be a degree of overlap with JK Rowling's canon, but since RMI was started several years before the release of the last Harry Potter book, not everything will be entirely consistent between the two.

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Sysops Authors

Sysops authors are authors who have certain powers that regular authors do not. Authors are promoted to sysops when it's noticed that they have a particular interest in and contribution to the wiki. Our current sysops authors are:

  • Austin
  • Cassie
  • Sasha
  • Vedika

Please feel free to contact the sysops authors if you need a page created or think you broke something. They'll be able to fix it for you!


1. You must use templates. If you don't know what templates to use, ask a sysops author.

2. Page edits must be done via the "Edit" tab at the top of each page (which is located beside "Read", "View history", etc). You may see smaller "edit" buttons within the page - do not use any smaller edit buttons.

3. Character profiles for characters created by individual authors will be placed on a different platform. Characters who have significantly changed something about the school or something else in the RMIverse will have their own pages, but it should be limited to information that should be common knowledge about each character.

4. Do not add R-rated content anywhere on the wiki. This is a bannable offense.

5. When writing, please make an effort to write as if your audience does not know anything about what you're talking about. Include links in the typical wikipedia style. If you have questions about that, ask a sysops author.


Example profile: Alessandro Guido

Example family profile: Jacobs Family

Example page: RMI