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Spells taught by year group. If Rowling-canonical, link to Wikia for more information.

Note that since RMI courses were at one point grouped solely by age (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) any spells taught to an age-group have been placed as learned at the youngest year for that group.

First Year[edit]

  • Alohamora (Unlocking)
  • Colloportus (Locking)
  • Lumos (Wand-Lighting)
  • Nox (Wand-Extinguishing)
  • Spongify (Makes object soft/spongy)
  • Duro (Turns object into stone)
  • Diffindo (Severing)
  • Incendio (Sets object on fire)
  • Wingardium Leviosa (Levitating)
  • Reparo (Repairing)
  • Locomotor (Allows caster to move object in any direction)
  • Flipendo (Pushes or repels object, can also be used in duels)
  • Boapyga (Beetle to button)
  • Farfumo (Butterfly to perfume bottle)
  • Gastropoda (Soap into a snail)
  • Lucunditas (Food to a different food)
  • Sprinkhaan Subsisto (Grasshopper to bottlestopper)

Second Year[edit]

NOTE: The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 indicates that the second year is largely focused on developing technique to prepare students for more advanced spells, improving their abilities with spells learned in the first year.

Third Year[edit]

  • Expelliarmus (Disarms)
  • Carpe Retractum (Shoots rope from wand, allowing caster to pull an object towards them)
  • Impervius (Makes object water proof)
  • Mobiliarbus (Lifts plant or tree a few inches and allows caster to move it in any direction)
  • Erecto (Straightens out target and sets it up)
  • Periculum (Shoots red sparks from wand)
  • Rennervate (Revives unconscious persons)
  • Lenio (Relieves headaches)

Fourth Year[edit]

  • Accio (Summoning)
  • Cavavi (Hollows out a space)
  • Conflo (Creates heat at the wand-tip, which can be used for soldering or welding)
  • Cubi (Makes an object cube-shaped)
  • Depulso (Banishing)
  • Descendo (Makes object descend)
  • Fitocreta (Turns material to clay)
  • Mobilicorpus (Lifts person off the ground and allows caster to move them)
  • Orchideous (Creates bouquet of flowers from wand tip)
  • Point Me (Makes wand point north)
  • Reducto (Blasts objects to pieces)
  • Silencio (Silencing)
  • Sonorus (Amplifies sound of person or object)
  • Quietus (Quiets sounds)
  • Colovaria (Changes colors of an object)
  • Orchideous (Conjures flowers)
  • Allo-adamas (Crystal to diamond)
  • Allo-fullo (Rock to crystal)
  • Amplio (Repairs minor scratches and cuts)
  • Sporasilio (Change eyebrow color)
  • Zamaara (creates a tune); Babylonian in origin

Fifth Year[edit]

  • Arresto Momentum (Slows an object as it falls to the ground)
  • Evanesco (Vanishing)
  • Fitomaeria (Turns material into wood)
  • Fitosaxum (Turns material into stone)
  • Fitoaes (Turns material into metal)
  • Protego (Creates magical shield)
  • Relashio (Repels person and can cause ropes/chains to break)
  • Episkey (Sets and heals minor broken bones)
  • Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)
  • Flagrate (Creates a line of fire in the air which can be drawn into any shape)
  • Eisoptrízo (causes an object to fly backwards)

Sixth Year[edit]

  • Aguamenti (Water-Making)
  • Avis (Conjures birds)
  • Defodio (Digs into the ground)
  • Documinis (Imprints a pattern on an object)
  • Fitocrustallus (Turns material into crystal)
  • Fitomolliar (Temporarily makes material moldable)
  • Glisseo (Turns stairs into a ramp/slide)
  • Muffliato (Creates buzzing in person's ear so they can't overhear conversations)
  • Obscuro (Creates blindfold around person's eyes)
  • Subsisto Cruor (Slows or stops external bleeding)

Seventh Year[edit]



  • Anapneo (Airway-clearing)
  • Episkey (Sets and heals minor broken bones)
  • Ferula (Bandages and splints broken bones)
  • Anhelo (Assists breathing via relieving blocked or inflamed airways)
  • Aperio (Identifies germs via causing bacteria in a Petri dish to glow various colours) and its counter-spell Occulto (stops glowing)
  • Incidere (Makes incisions for access to internal injuries)
  • Integro (Encourages a patient's body to accept tissue transplants or blood transfusions)
  • Lenio (Relieves headaches)
  • Redintegro Exuro (Heals up to second-degree burns and reduces severity of third-degree burns)
  • Refoveo (Encourages tissue reconstruction after frostbite)
  • Renovo (Heals incisions via rapid production of new skin)
  • Rennervate (Revives unconscious persons)
  • Resarcio (Sets larger broken bones, though does not fully heal)
  • Subsisto Cruor (Slows or stops external bleeding)
  • Suscitatio (Repairs minor damage to the brain to wake unconscious patients)


  • Paellegorius (For surveying archaeological or other underground sites. Causes a haze to appear over the indicated area with different colours for trace water/vegetation/minerals/etc; repeating the spell allows for viewing deeper earth layers. First taught in Cultural Studies.)

Household Spells[edit]

Hexes and Jinxes[edit]

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