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Worldmeets - where the magical and Muggle worlds collide. Although some worldmeets are areas where wizards and Muggles can mix freely, others require a specific action to be performed in order to enter an all-wizarding space. Since some of these actions require wandwork, some worldmeets are inaccessible by underage wizards who still have the Trace on them.



Australia/New Zealand[edit]

Central America[edit]

Eastern Europe[edit]

North America[edit]

  • Boulder, CO: Lighthouse Books
    • Located on Pearl Street Mall, Lighthouse Books is run by a wizard named Jerry and his son. RMI staff and students can use a magical elevator located inside the column in the middle of the bookstore in order to access RMI's entrance hall.
  • Chicago, IL: the Buck and Sickle Diner
  • Chicago, IL: a station on the L
  • New York, NY: Peregrine
    • Run by Lia Harper (Lyra, T9); a bar and nightclub with mixed wizard-Muggle space. Some nights are wizard-only.
  • Philadelphia, PA: Fourteenth Virtue Way
    • Wizarding market district. Accessible by shooting a small bolt of lightning out of your wand at an Employees Only door in Franklin Court, enabling the caster to open the door and step through to the wizarding street.
  • Portland, ME: Sleepy Owl Coffeeshop
    • Order a mocha with the Griffins' Blend coffee to go. The cashier will direct you to a booth in the back, where Al will bring your coffee and send your table through the wall to an enclosed patio on the wizarding side.
  • Seattle, WA: Pike's Place Market
    • Use your wand to ricochet a piece of gum off the Gum Wall and into a small hole in the opposite wall. The wall will open up, allowing you to access the magical side of the farmers market.

South America[edit]

Western Europe[edit]

  • London, England: Diagon Alley.
    • Accessible by Floo (through the Leaky Cauldron) or by tapping a sequence of bricks in an alleyway.